For many of us who are a bit older than we’d care to admit, the 1212 Club brings back lots of fond memories and a few we’d rather forget. We’re bringing back the legend as a way you can support the ARF on a continuous basis. $12 a month for 12 months gets you in.

Click on the image below to sign up.

If you’d like to contribute a different amount please email

We’d like to thank the current members of the 1212 club for their support!

Adam Hyche
Al Brown
Allen Kipp
Andrew Kallas
Austin Creel
Bobby Brendlinger
Bobby Jordan
Brian Dovey
Brian Headrick
Calvin Miller
Christian Bonin
Colin Quinn
Daniel Larocca
Daniel Sellers
Danny Deppershmidet
David Pelton
David Strum
DC Miles
Duncan Moore
Eddie Buckner
Eli Schultz
Ellen Donohue
Eric Hile
Eric Jackson
Eric Lacey
Ethan Picone
George Minoso
Greg Sullivan
Ian McDonald
Jeff Kirk
Jeremy Dold
Jess Deemer
Joey Edgeworth
John Solter
John-David Rodriguez
Jon Swanson
Justen Burns
Karen Rice
Linda Dovey
Marilyn Colson
Mark Colson
Mark Kersey
Marty Connors
Matt Lund
Matthew Colson
Matthew Schick
Matthew Smith
Melissa Malito
Michael Yeskevich
Michelle Smith
Mike Colson
Mike Platt
Mike Sapp
Mike Watts
Pace Archibald
Pat McLeod
Patrick Watson
Rebecca Strum
Robert Summerville
Russel Bush
Shawn Dawley
Simon Bedoya
Stephen Hyche
Stephen Jackson
Tim Feimer
Tim Trice
Tonya Heaton
Trip McCabe
Troy Shoemaker
Tyler Hoffman
Tyler Pollock
Tyson Littlejohn
Wendy Lawson
William Neeley
William Russell III
Zac Ronk
Zach Blalock
Zach Carmello