Community Service


Rugby is not just a sport. At the heart of rugby and rugby players you’ll find stewards of our communities. That is why we are proud to announce our partnership with the West Alabama Food Bank as the official charity of the Alabama Rugby Foundation. The ties between Bama Rugby and the WAFB run deep. Former Bama Rugby coach and figurehead, Malcolm Croft, helped found the organization in 1987. 

The WAFB is a non-profit whose goal is to provide nourishment to those in need. They serve low-income families and children, our elderly,  and under-served communities.. 
Through this partnership, the Alabama Rugby Foundation will seek to serve our community with active volunteerism and coordinated event drives. You can get involved in this effort by joining the ARF’s Networking/Mentoring Committee. Email your interest to

If you’d like to immediately support the WAFB you can donate the following ways: